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Zong partners with Sehat Kahani for Free e-consultation

Zong 4G partners with Sehat Kahani, Pakistan’s leading cellular and digital services provider, to offer thousands of free remote and online consultations for the marginalized strata of society.

The underprivileged members of the community who are Zong4G users can now avail more than 12,000 e-health consultations via the Sehat Kahani Retail app. The process is simple and requires Android/IOS users to download & signup for Sehat Kahani App. After signing up users can search for doctors that are available online on the App offering consultations in different fields of medicine. Users from the marginalized strata of Pakistan would be able to avail free consultations by utilizing promo code ZONGSEHAT.

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Once this process is complete, users from low income communities would be able to connect to a doctor in less than 60 seconds, making healthcare services more accessible and inclusive.



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