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Yasir Nawaz remade an F1 viral clip of his wife Nida

Yasir Nawaz will allow content creators to spend their money on his wife Nada Yasir with their skates.

The fun of Yasir’s Nada’s viral Formula 1 car clip has crossed 130,000 views in just one hour. He is copying Nada and one of the two young Formula 1 car engineers she was interviewing. Yasir took both characters seriously, trying his best with a printed scarf, helmet, jacket and bicycle glasses.

Nida Yasir, who hosts the popular morning show Good Morning Pakistan, became a fodder for memes last week when a clip from a 2016 episode of her show went viral. Nida’s questions related to F1 cars showed her lack of research on the topic and set off a debate on the training and grooming of news anchors.

She took the trolling in her stride, however, and said she would try her best to avoid such mistakes in future. She had no idea how the clip went viral after six years, she added.



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