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Xiaomi Technology Donates $100,000 For Flood Relief

Xiaomi Technology Donates $100,000 For Flood Relief in Pakistan, Pakistan has experienced flood mostly in rural regions, which will have a greater impact on the nation’s agricultural industry and eventually the price of food.

80 to 90 percent of Pakistan’s crops have been destroyed by the floods. The International Rescue Committee estimates that 4 million acres of crops were devastated and 800,000 animals perished.

Xiaomi Foundation has donated a gift of USD 100,000 to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in support of UNHCR’s operations in Pakistan, particularly this most recent emergency response to the floods and other conditions impacting refugees and host communities in Pakistan.

Massive rainfall has changed Pakistan’s terrain since June, submerging around one-third of the nation under water, claiming thousands of lives, and forcing millions of people to leave their homes. The National Disaster Management Authority reports that these terrible floods have caused more than 33,046,329 people to be relocated and more than 1,051,570 homes to be damaged.

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The UNHCR, which is already on the ground and aiding impacted communities, is providing life-saving assistance to many of the 1.3 million Afghan refugees who have been generously accepted in Pakistan for more than 40 years. In the worst-affected areas of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces, more than 71,000 emergency relief goods, like as tents, plastic tarpaulins, sanitary items, cooking stoves, blankets, solar lights, and sleeping mats, have already been provided to refugee villages and host communities.

Local and International organizations are helping Pakistan counter the flood disasters. Alkhidmat Foundation, Akhuwat foundation and Edhi foundation are leading the relief task locally while UN, ADB and other organizations are supporting internationally.



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