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World Tourism Day: How can tourism help Pakistan expand and create jobs?

Despite the enormous potential for generating livelihood possibilities in rural regions, a large portion of the population continues to migrate to metropolitan areas in search of better living conditions.

The government also wants to create additional job possibilities in rural regions, which would relieve some of the strain on metropolitan areas. These are huge tasks that will need the participation of all parties. I believe tourism has the potential to fill the vacuum and revolutionise the rural economy, particularly in the country’s northern regions.

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I’ve gone to Sindh, Punjab, and the northern provinces several times and spoken with locals about why people are travelling to other places. You live in pollution-free air, water, and gorgeous natural scenery, as opposed to cities.

Prior to the deterioration of the security situation, a huge number of visitors visited Pakistan, particularly in the northern districts. However, the situation has now reversed and has just recently begun to gather up speed.

This is no longer an issue, and several tourism destinations, such as Gilgit-Baltistan and the Karakoram Highway, can now be found in the northern territories.



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