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Women’s Marriage Rights Helpline 1413 Launched in Pakistan

Women’s Marriage Rights Helpline 1413 Launched in Pakistan in Collaboration with Mussawi 


The Government of Pakistan and Mussawi, an organization that works on women’s rights, have launched a helpline to provide legal assistance to women who are facing marriage-related issues. The helpline, known as ‘Women’s Marriage Rights Helpline 1413’, has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights and the Ministry of Law and Justice. It is available for women across the country and provides free legal advice for those in need.


Women in Pakistan often face difficulties accessing their rights due to a lack of knowledge and resources. To address this issue, the governments of Pakistan and Mussawi have come together to launch the Women’s Marriage Rights Helpline 1413.

The helpline seeks to provide legal assistance to women facing issues related to marriage, such as domestic violence, divorce, child custody, and so on. It is available 24 hours a day and is staffed by legal professionals who can provide legal advice and assistance to women in need.

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Main Services Offered 

The helpline provides various services to women facing marriage-related issues. These include:

Legal Advice:

Women can call the helpline and speak to a legal professional who can provide them with legal advice and assistance.


The helpline also provides counselling services to women in need. This includes advice on marriage-related issues, such as domestic violence and divorce.

Referral Services:

The helpline can also refer women to other services and organizations, such as legal aid or domestic violence shelters.


The Women’s Marriage Rights Helpline 1413 is an important initiative that seeks to provide legal assistance to women in Pakistan who face marriage-related issues. It is an invaluable service that can help women access their rights and get the help they need.



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