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With clubs agreements, the EPL will become a member of the PFL.

English Premier League (EPL) clubs are reportedly getting involved in Pakistan’s new franchise competition Pakistan Football League’ (PFL) by potentially twinning the teams.

The Pakistan Football League is expected to begin next year with teams from Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Multan.

Six teams would create agreements with English clubs, possibly adopting the same colours and nicknames as their Premier League counterparts, according to the specifications.

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Although the six Premier League teams engaged have yet to be announced, these collaborations have the potential to help the league expand its fan base in a mostly untapped market. They also intend to use the twinning to interact with their own Asian population in the area.

The Pakistani teams will gain from having access to their Premier League partners’ knowledge and maybe spending time at their training facilities.

For the first time, English clubs will be affiliated with another league.

Michael Owen, a former English footballer, was previously announced as the ambassador by the PFL. He will reveal the PFL logo from the home of football in England in October, and will soon visit Pakistan to run a series of football masterclasses and formally unveil The PFL.



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