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With Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly dismisses divorce rumours

The wedding of Sajal Aly’s sister has remained in the spotlight, with images of the newlywed pair Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari spreading on social media.

People were highly interested in every single aspect, from the wedding to the design of the bride’s gown; everything was brought to the attention of the fans.

Along with enjoying all of the famous guest appearances, the absence of the bride’s brother-in-law Ahad Raza Mir from her wedding piqued the interest of the viewers. The actor’s absence has added gasoline to the couple’s persistent divorce rumours.

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Earlier, Ahad Raza Mir had been a no show on Sajal’s movie’s promotional events as well.

The fans have been speculating regarding the couple’s separation. The actor’s absence from the wedding induced further curiosity raising more questions.

Recently, pictures of Ahad and his family were found circulating on social media, as the family was attending another wedding in Dubai on the same days as Saboor’s wedding. The fans were not happy with the Ehd-e-wafa’s actor missing his sister-in-law’s wedding ceremony to attend another wedding in Dubai.

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However, recently Sajjal Aly shared a picture with her husband on Instagram refuting all the on going rumors. The post indicated that all the speculations were false and the couple is still cherishing their marriage. However, she later deleted that picture for some unknown reason.



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