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Viewers slam Sam Smith over ‘devilish’ Grammys performance

65th Grammy Award Ceremony

Viewers of the Grammy Awards expressed criticism of Sam Smith and Kim Petras performance of Unholy, their awardwinning single, on Sunday evening which some described assatanic“.

After making history by winning Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, the pair took to the stage and their performance elicited mixed reactions from the audience.

Upon witnessing Smith who is nonbinary and utilizes gender neutral pronouns donning satanic headgear during their horror movieinspired performance, audiences took to social media to voice their indignation about thedemonic motifs.

Oscar Award Winner Artist “Sam Smith”

One person tweeted that they believed Sam Smith‘s performance wasSatanic in nature, indicating that people on the right may use the term too frequently.

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Someone else commented:It didn‘t matter if you were a devout believer or not, the Sam Smith show was unsettlingly suggestive of devil worship.’

Viewers slam Sam Smith over 'devilish' Grammys performance

One viewer commented that they found Sam Smith‘s performance to be strange and that they had to look away due to their personal concerns regarding artists fascination with the devil.

Viewers slam Sam Smith over 'devilish' Grammys performance

Viewers were shocked by the tribute to Sam Smith, in which the singer was dressed as a devil. One asked,How did we get here?” while another lamented,That devil worshipping performance was so overdone and terrible. I‘m truly disappointed.”

One disgruntled music fan exclaimed:I‘m really fed up with the satanic and demonic referenceseven though there‘s a degree of hypocrisy, I still want to know why Nicki, Sam Smith, Lil Nas X, and other artists continually reference the devil.”



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