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VavaCars welcomes Khalil Shahab as Country Manager

October 22, 2021Established in 2019 in Turkey, and 2020 in Pakistan, VavaCars’ vision is to become the most trusted car transaction platform in emerging markets. With the recent announcement of a successful Series B fundraise of $50 million, the company is committed to expanding in Karachi and growing its footprint across Pakistan.

VavaCars has revolutionized the traditional way consumers buy, sell or exchange cars, in the unstructured and fragmented used car industry. In the last 2 years, the company has built 6 Customer Centres in Karachi, and continues to deliver an enhanced customer experience, inline with its values of trust, transparency and convenience.

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Khalil Shahab is appointed as Country Manager to lead VavaCars acceleration and investment in Pakistan. Khalil was previously the Chief of Staff for a $1 billion fund focused on healthcare investments across emerging markets. He brings an extensive experience spanning various sectors including private equity, real-estate development, and operations.

Khalil commented “I am excited to begin my journey with VavaCars and become part of an extraordinary mission to make it easier, simpler, faster for consumers to trade cars in Pakistan. The current team has built a disruptive business model in Karachi already and I look forward to working with them in taking the brand national.”

The CEO of VavaCars Lawrence Merritt commented: “In keeping with the tradition of VavaCars hiring the best talent, I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to our Country Manager, Khalil Shahab. I am confident that he will build a value-led team that will drive our vision and mission forward, keeping in mind the track record he has in establishing businesses and building teams in Pakistan.”



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