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Utility Stores Announce Various Item Price Increases

The Utility Stores Corporation has announced a price hike on many brands of necessities.

Utility Stores Corporation (USC) issued a notification in this respect on Friday.

The statement states that the cost of 900 grams of tea has increased by Rs. 400, from Rs. 905 to Rs. 1305, and that the cost of tea whitener has increased by Rs. 100.

While the cost of an 800-gram packet of milk for kids has grown to Rs. 260, the cost of 200 grams of dried dates has gone up by Rs. A 1 kilogram pack of pickles now costs Rs. 57 more than before.

Porridge, cereals, noodles, needles, and nimco have all suffered significant price increases as well.

A 300-gram container of honey now costs Rs. 100 more than it did before, while the cost of 100 grams of red chilli has climbed by Rs. 84.

A 55 grams carton of the pudding now costs Rs. 20 more. A wide range of other products, such as custard, pepper, fenugreek, jam, drinks, etc., have also suffered large price increases.

When addressing the issue, the representative for Utility Shops Corporation stated that several national and multinational firms that provide utility stores with goods have raised the pricing of select branded items in order to boost demand and supply at all stores across the nation. He said, “Only branded firms are seeing price increases.”

The Utility Stores Corporation does not manufacture or create these goods, the representative added, but purchasing them from reputable, internationally recognized brands. Increased manufacturing and shipping expenses lead to increased costs for the finished product when raw material prices rise. The firm must update the commodity as a result.

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