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US approved to sell Pakistan $450 million worth of F-16 equipment

Finally, the US approved to sell Pakistan $450 million worth of F-16 equipment.
A $450 million military agreement between the US and Pakistan has been approved by the State Department of the US.
The agreement covers aircraft maintenance and related equipment.

The sale of F-16 fighter aircraft maintenance and other associated supplies to Pakistan has been approved by the US Department of State.

According to a press statement from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the prospective military sale of the equipment to the Government of Pakistan, estimated to cost $450 million, has been approved.

The premier American aerospace business Lockheed Martin Corp. will serve as the primary contractor, according to the news statement.

According to the agreement, the US government and Lockheed would offer Pakistan’s F-16 fleet technical and logistical support. However, the agreement excludes giving Pakistan any additional capabilities, weapons, or ammunition.

The DSCA also emphasized that by enabling Pakistan to continue cooperating with the US and other partners in counterterrorism and being prepared for contingency operations, the proposed military agreement will support American foreign policy and national security goals.

Furthermore, it said that by giving Pakistan a stronger air-to-ground capability, the purchase will also improve Pakistan’s ability to conduct counterterrorism operations. Additionally, it made sure that Pakistan’s military forces could easily adopt the technology and services.

The DSCA further guaranteed that this agreement would not upset the regional balance of power and would not negatively affect America’s ability to defend itself.


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