Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Ufone subscribers now buy call and data packages through Facebook app.

Ufone, a Pakistani telecommunications provider, has teamed up with Facebook to develop Facebook Mobile Center, a consumer interaction channel within the Facebook app that Ufone may utilise to provide seamless mobile data purchasing and service experiences. Customers of Ufone will be able to purchase Ufone call and data packages directly from the Facebook app and browser via Mobile Center.

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Ufone’s long-term goal of providing greater comfort and enablement to its consumers via continual innovation and optimization of its digital goods and services is being realised with the launch of Mobile Center. The firm has tried to simplify its payment system by offering numerous digital methods, as well as a nationwide network of top-up retailers.

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Ufone customers will be able to purchase call and data bundles within Facebook Mobile Center with just a few clicks. They can also opt for U-Advance loan and purchase Airtime. To get started, customers can login into their Facebook accounts through their browser or mobile app and tap or click on “Buy Data”. Next, they will be offered multiple data packages, where they can either purchase bundles or get a U-Advance loan. Finally, they will need to click ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction.



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