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Turkish firms are planning to engage in Pakistan’s construction industry, according to the Consul General of Turkey

The building boom in Pakistan gives a fantastic opportunity for prospective Turkish businessmen to participate and form joint ventures with Pakistani companies. Tolga Ucak, Turkey’s Consul General in Karachi, remarked this while addressing as the principal guest at the Beta Electric launching event held here at a hotel. Mirza Ikthiar Baig, Chairman of the Consumers’ Association of Pakistan, Kaukab Iqbal, CEO of A-T Electricals, Tanzeem Taj, A-T Electricals Director Aamir Ahmed, CEO of Beta Electric, Huseyin Konar were among those who spoke at the occasion.

The Turkish ambassador stated that after spending more than three years in Karachi, he had come to the conclusion that the city offered great economic opportunities, to the point where the sky is the limit when one is present in Karachi and wants to accomplish anything.


He said that Turkey and Pakistan have “heart-to-heart” economic, cultural, and political ties. He traced Pakistan-Turkey relations all the way back to the Khilafat Movement and the Turkish War of Independence. People in this region have stepped forward to support their Turkish brothers and sisters in their fight to defend their homeland.

He said that bold steps were required in the economic and business fields to get the maximum benefit out of the historical and close relation between Turkey and Pakistan.

Turkey’s Consul General said the Turkish companies shouldn’t just only invest in Pakistan and start joint ventures with the Pakistani companies to start manufacturing in the country.

He said the latest joint venture was a perfect example of jointly setting up such a business by a Turkish and Pakistani company. Its success meant the success of both Turkey and Pakistan.

Also speaking on occasion, Honorary Consul General of Yemen in Karachi, Mirza Akhtar Baig, eulogized the services of the present Turkish Consul General to promote Turkey’s tourism sector in Pakistan.

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He said that Turkey had been issuing 400 visas daily alone from Karachi as Pakistanis were no longer required to go to Europe and America for recreation and leisure.

He said the newly launched joint venture between Pakistani and Turkish companies was the best example to promote the local manufacturing and assembling industry.

The Chairman of the Consumers’ Association of Pakistan, Kaukab Iqbal, said that the new business venture would promote brotherly ties between Turkey and Pakistan.

CEO of A-T Electricals, Tanzeem Taj, sad that it was indeed an immense honour for them to introduce Turkish electrical products in the Pakistani market that were of world-class standard.

He hoped that Pakistani consumers and traders would perform their due role to make Turkish electrical goods successful in the local market.

He said that consumers in Pakistan had trusted his company’s products for the last 30 years as the public would show the same level of trust in the case of newly introduced Turkish



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