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Train Operations To Remain Suspended For 10 More Days

Due to some tracks still being under water from Nawabshah to Rohri, train operations would be delayed for a further 10 days.

The administration of Pakistan Railways has chosen to add 10 additional days to the suspension of normal train service. Railway tracks in a number of communities from Rohri to Tando Adam portions were reportedly inundated, according to PR authorities.

The draining of the floodwater off the railroad tracks would take at least 10 more days, according to the officials. However, according to PR authorities, up-track freight operations have resumed at a regulated pace of 10 to 20 km/h.

To resume train service across the nation, the railway agency established a flood management centre.

A representative for Pakistan Railways stated on September 3 that owing to inundated railway tracks from heavy rains and flooding, train operations will be stopped for an additional two days.

It is important to note that since August 26, the country’s interior has been cut off from Karachi due to the railway tracks’ submersion from Tando Adam to Rohri.

The railway track from Rohri to Nawabshah has so far been unable to be used for routine train operations, and the railway yard’s auto signal system has also been impacted by the loss in electrical supply. An experimental freight train operation was now running from Karachi to Rohri.

The representative had stated that the restoration of rail service will occur in stages.

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