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Top Selling Cars in 2022 | Everything You Need To Know About Best Selling Cars in 2022

Best Selling Cars In 2022

Pakistan is a major market for cars and has seen an increase in the number of car sales in recent years. With 2021 almost at its end, it is time to take a look at the bestselling cars in the country for 2022.

Suzuki Alto

As the people’s vehicle and a legitimate forerunner to the renowned Mehran, Suzuki has solidified its position in the Pakistani automotive industry.

Top Selling Cars in 2022 | Suzuki Alto

Month Units Sold Per Month
January 3,864
February 7,175
March 9,814
April 5,009
May 5,461
June 7,487
July 4,618
August 2,293
September 2,372
October 4,181
November 7,255
December 6,898
Total 66427


In 2022, PSMC sold an amazing 53,887 units of the Alto, making it the number-one best-selling car of the year for the second time in a row.

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Toyota Corolla

Top Selling Cars in 2022 | Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is still Pakistan’s best-selling car despite mainly being aimed at the highest socioeconomic level there. Its outstanding dependability, ease of ownership and maintenance, and exceptional resale value are the key reasons for its success. What happened to Corolla in 2022?

Month Units Sold Per Month
January 3,435
February 2,251
March 3,490
April 2,462
May 2,429
June 2,626
July 1,087
August 1,595
September 990
October 1,246
November 1,120
December 1,229
Total 23960


In 2022, Toyota Indus Motor Company sold 23,960 units of the Corolla, making it the 2nd best-selling car of the year.

Honda City

Top Selling Cars in 2022 | Honda City

Despite being a newer vehicle, the sixth-generation Honda City has already seized a sizable portion of the market. The company’s sales in 2022 were as follows:

Month Units Sold Per Month
January 2,856
February 2,146
March 1,987
April 1,200
May 2,219
June 2,764
July 1,986
August 830
September 958
October 1,072
November 1,206
December 636
Total 19804


In 2022, Honda Atlas Cars sold 19,804 units of the City, making it the 3rd best-selling car of the year.

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Toyota Yaris

Top Selling Cars in 2022 | Toyota Yaris


The Yaris, which was formerly Pakistan’s best-selling sedan, has reportedly fallen from popularity, especially with the introduction of Alsvin and City. Despite a poor H2 2022, it still managed to rank in the top 5 best-sellers of the year. The Yaris’ sales performance is as follows:

Month Units Sold Per Month
January 2,093
February 1,395
March 1,905
April 1,655
May 1,834
June 1,827
July 647
August 1,306
September 790
October 592
November 813
December 650
Total 15507


In 2022, Toyota Indus Motor Company sold 15,507 units of the Yaris, making it the 4th best-selling car of the year.

Suzuki Wagon R

Top Selling Cars in 2022 | Suzuki Wagon R

Due largely to its popularity among Uber drivers and young families, the Suzuki Wagon R has continually performed well in Pakistan. It’s a shame Suzuki won’t be producing them in the future. The Wagon R performed as follows in 2022:

Month Units Sold Per Month
January 1,537
February 1,646
March 2,104
April 1,823
May 2,258
June 2,134
July 282
August 365
September 766
October 768
November 716
December 872
Total 15271


In 2022, Pak Suzuki sold 15,271 units of the Wagon R, making it the 5th best-selling car of the year.

Note: This data is from Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA). Data of non-PAMA members such as Lucky Motor Corp., Master Changan Motors, Regal Automobiles, United Motors, etc. is not shared publically.


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