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Today, the government will begin a STEM pilot initiative

Today (Wednesday), the government will start the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) initiative, which will be launched by President Arif Alvi.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz confirmed the announcement on Twitter, saying, “Excited to be heading the STEM pilot project by @MinistryofST.”

He went on to say that schools are taking steps to improve problem-based learning and self-directed learning.


“Four topics — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — have gained prominence worldwide,” the minister stated in a brief video message.

Faraz explained the initiative’s features, saying that the project will be executed in 50 schools in the first phase, after it was launched in 2020 on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s orders.

The minister stressed that these schools were chosen on the basis of quality rather than politics. “In these schools, special laboratories will be created, and instructors will receive training,” he continued.

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“We hope that because of these STEM schools, we will move towards a new era of growth through which we can produce internationally-competitive youngsters,” Faraz said of the project’s goals.

The programme is based on three parts including fab labs, teacher trainings and STEM modules.

Meanwhile, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhary  wrote on Twitter: “Pakistan Science Foundation is going to launch a programme today which will be a game-changer.”

In a series of tweets, the minister said he had designed the project to convert 450 government schools into STEM schools because “the country cannot change unless government schools are modernised.”

He added that after the first phase — which includes 450 schools — more schools will follow this model.

Chaudhry said universities have been asked to take schools under their wing and improve the quality of science education at the school level.



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