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Those who work from home will face an extra charge on their electricity bills

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) member Internal Revenue Operations Qaiser Iqbal has said that additional tax will be levied on unregistered people doing work from home.

President Kashif Chaudhry of the Anjuman-e-Tajiran held a press conference with Qaiser Iqbal. Qaiser Iqbal, speaking at a press conference, claimed that the talks between small traders and the FBR had gone well. Misconceptions regarding the Presidential Ordinance were spreading in the age of social media.

He stated that persons who do business from home but are not registered will face an extra fee on their electricity bills.

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Small traders are being consulted, according to Qaiser Iqbal, and commissioners are being instructed to listen to their issues and resolve them at the local level.

Small traders would not be affected by the point of sale, according to business leader Kashif Chaudhry. Small traders’ sales tax is subtracted from the power bill, it has been confirmed.



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