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The PM Imran Khan intensifies his anti-stolen-wealth campaign

ISLAMABAD: As part of the global economic recovery from the catastrophic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic, Prime Minister Imran Khan called for prioritising vaccine equality, debt reduction, climate financing, and the restoration of stolen riches campaign to impoverished nations on Tuesday.

The prime minister was electronically speaking at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development‘s (UNCTAD) World Leaders Summit Dialogue, which is now taking place in Barbados as part of the UNCTAD’s 15th Quadrennial Meeting.

The prime minister, recalling his debt-relief campaign, called for debt relief until the epidemic ended.

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In light of the vulnerability and existential difficulties faced by the Small Island Poor States (SIDS) and other developing nations, including Pakistan, the prime minister underlined the urgent need for richer countries to mobilise and contribute to climate financing.

The prime minister reiterated his great worry about the massive issue of illicit money flows from developing nations to wealthy capitals and tax havens, which total one trillion dollars each year.

The prime minister once again emphasised implementation of the UN Secretary General’s FACTI Panel recommendations, enabling developing countries to more meaningfully alleviate poverty and human development.

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The prime minister was invited to the Leaders Dialogue along with the presidents of Kenya, and Guyana, secretary general UNCTAD and heads of other UN agencies, under the theme of “Building a more prosperous development path: Matching the scale of the moment”.

The Quadrennial Conference, hosted virtually by Barbados from 4-7 October 2021, is taking place in the backdrop of unprecedented economic, public health and social effects, induced and exacerbated by Covid-19 pandemic.



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