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The Karachi Police Department has released data on October arrests

KARACHI: The data for suspects detained and narcotics recovered in various crackdowns around Karachi was revealed by the city police on Monday. According to reports, police apprehended Gutka, Mawa, and Chahlia dealers as part of an ongoing anti-drug operation.

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During the anti-drug operation, officers also registered over 600 cases at various police stations. During the raids, they found more than 696 kilogrammes of hashish, more than 11 kilogrammes of ice, seven kilogrammes of crystal, and more than eight kilogrammes of heroin. The narcotics confiscated by the police in raids on criminals are worth more than Rs150 million.

In another case, in the last three days, police in the west district have arrested six fugitives.

Accused Waliullah alias Guddu was a fugitive and wanted in Pakistan Bazar Police Station Case No. 241/2021 under Section 448/506/34. While accused Jamun Durwan had a case registered in the Orangi Town Police Station, the offender was wanted under Section 186/506B34. All accused have been handed over to the concerned investigating authorities for further legal action, the police said.

In another case, Karachi police also recovered a weapon used in an attempted murder case in Karachi.

On November 20, 2021, a firing incident took place in the house of Lal Badshah near Malik Chowk, as a result. Badshah and his wife Noor Jahan were shot and injured and a case was registered in the Mominabad Police Station.

On a tip, police arrested accused Altaf-ur-Rehman and the illegal weapons used in the incident.

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The accused had sent a proposal to the daughter of 16-year-old Bint Lal Badshah for his third marriage; later he shot and injured Badshah and his wife on their refusal to marry off their daughter with the accused.

Similarly, SHO Iqbal Market conducted a snap checking operation wherein weapons along with ammunition and a stolen motorcycle were recovered from the accused.

The accused also committed snatching and street crime while case No. 686/2021 was registered against the accused, further investigation is underway.



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