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The FIA is going for fraudulent Covid vaccine entries.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated Monday that the government has directed the Federal Investigation Agency to start a crackdown on those involved in fraudulent Covid vaccination entries.

He told a press conference in Islamabad that a number of complaints had been made against bogus CNICs and Covid immunisation certificates. “We have suspended 136 policemen and opened 90 investigations.”

Rasheed promised to “clear up the CNIC corruption that occurred in the previous ten years.” New regulations will also address the issue of biometric fingerprints that differ from CNICs.

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“We have sent an amnesty programme to the cabinet for those who have several passports or CNICs issued in their names,” he stated, adding that “implementation will begin once it is passed.”

NADRA vehicles have been stationed in cities such as Wanna, Sost, Skardu, and other remote locations, according to the minister. “These vehicles have also been dispatched to the Torkham and Chaman borders.”




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