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The CNG industry will be closed until February 15th

ISLAMABAD: The Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) has adopted the gas load management plan (2021-22), which would keep the CNG sector closed from December 1, 2021, to February 15, 2022.

According to a recent letter from the Petroleum Division to the managing director of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, Lahore, and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, the gas/RLNG will be supplied to export-oriented industries, including the top 50 exporters, as well as zero-rated industries, unless the system has technical constraints.

The supply of gas/RLNG to export-oriented captive power plants shall be monitored till December 15, 2021. It will be readjusted in view of the supply/availability of the gas.

The general industry (non-export) shall be provided gas on weekly rotation basis, with one day off, for each sector or zone. The cement industry will be treated at par with the non-export general industry. To boost agricultural productivity, uninterrupted gas supply shall be ensured to fertiliser sector. Dedicated consumers of power sector shall get uninterrupted gas supply.

Power production based on LNG will get five percent extra supply during the winter, as compared to last year’s actual consumption.

In addition to above, the federal cabinet also directed to re-check and ascertain the gas reserves depletion rate so as to determine how much of it was due to theft, collusion and distribution losses and formulate long, medium and short-term plans to face the challenge of fast depleting gas reserves.

In order to effectively manage the above Load Management Plan, both Sui companies, being system operator, to take following measures: The above plan to be implemented while remaining within the contours of already ECC’s approved gas supply priority order. A dedicated complaint centre (24 x 7) based on the concept of helpline accessible through mobile app be put in place to redress the complaints of low pressure/non-supply of gas for domestic sector.

Subject to improvement in supplies, the restoration of gas may be considered in order of approved priority, under intimation to this division.

The retention of RLNG by the SSGCL to be considered at 75 MMCFD and any volume beyond the said retention to be mutually decided by the SNGPL and the SSGCL considering operational flexibility, it added.



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