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Systems Ltd Announce to Invest $3 Million in Retailistan

Systems Ltd announce to invested $3 million in emerging startup Retailistan, which focuses on digitizing the retail supply chain in Pakistan.

The company has acquired 20% shares 468 million in rupees, through its dedicated and wholly owned subsidiary Systems Ventures (Pvt) Ltd. (SVL) as a minority shareholder.

As part of the strategy on merger and acquisition, Systems Limited is actively exploring other startups and M&A opportunities. The investment is aimed at enhancing its presence in the digital retail landscape in the country and for complementing its EP Systems.

Founded in 2015, Retailistan is managed by a highly skilled group of four engineers with immense experience in Pakistan’s retail supply chain. Their product, SalesFlo, is used by most of the major producers and distributors of consumer goods in Pakistan. The platform covers Distribution Management System, Digital Merchandising and Instore Marketing tool, and Data science solutions (Data Analytics).

Systems Limited has been working extensively to tap into opportunities in the retail and e-commerce segment through Onload having 40,000 plus retailers across Pakistan.

The company has embarked on building eight regional sales hubs around the country to effectively target new retail signups and scale up its distribution reach. It is also working on various aspects of Pilot readiness for its new e-wallet business under the State Bank of Pakistan’s Electronic Money Institution (EMI) Regulations. This will open up new avenues for it.



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