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Pak Suzuki To Discontinue Bolan AC Variant

No More Air-Conditioner (AC) For Suzuki Bolan:

Pak Suzuki has decided to discontinue the Bolan AC variant once again.
Although the company has not made an official announcement, market reports indicate that the reason for the discontinuation was poor sales.

PSMC has sold a total of 580 Suzuki Bolan in the last two months. A tiny percentage of such units are sold as AC variants.

Although manufacturing constraints have had an influence on sales, Bolan’s demand has recently declined.

Experts believe Suzuki Bolan AC was underpowered, expensive, and outdated in comparison to its competitors.

Some common complaints about the decades-old museum artefact that is Bolan include engine overheating, body vibrations, and poor overall performance.

Pak Suzuki Sales:

With sales at a two-year low for Pak Suzuki, the decline in Suzuki Bolan AC is still ongoing.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company sold slightly fewer than 4,000 units in August 2022.

Since May 2020, this is the company’s worst month for sales (the peak of COVID-19).

As a result, Pak Suzuki revenues decreased by 75% month over month (MOM).

The lack of approval of the letter of credit (LC) for the clearing of CKD kits and limits on imports into the auto sector are the main causes of the decline.

To combat the ongoing inflation, this problem caused the auto industry to reduce output. A further factor in the reduction in demand is the recent price increases.

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