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Suspicion of fixing in India’s match began to appear

KARACHI: Doubts of fixing started appearing in the India match after West Indies’ Obaid McCoy did not run out his Rajasthan Royals teammate Ashwin.

In the first T20 match played between West Indies and India at the Brian Lara Stadium in Trinidad, an incident took place that left both experts and fans in doubt.

In the 18th over of the first innings, Dinesh Karthik ran for second after completing a run, before Ashwin reached the crease on a non-strike end, bowler Obaid McCoy received the ball but it reached the crease of the batsman standing near the stumps. Waited for those who dived to the bat crease, during which Obaid did not fly the bells, Ashwin himself was surprised at not being run out.

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Obaid McCoy and Ashwin both represent Rajasthan Royals in the IPL. The West Indian bowler was quite surprised at this move, the video immediately went viral on social media.

According to some, the bowler was mentally absent, but most are skeptical, especially citing his Rajasthan Royals team-mate Ashwin, in the whole incident of match-fixing. The smell was also noticeable.

It may be recalled that India defeated West Indies by 68 runs in the T20 before Rohit Sharma and veteran Dinesh Karthik’s excellent batting and overall bowling effort.

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