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Supernet receives projects worth Rs100 million from a key organisation

ISLAMABAD: Supernet Limited has been granted three equipment supply projects totaling Rs 100 million in value, comprising equipment and services in the satellite communications, telecommunications, and power sectors.

The projects were given by a key organisation, allowing its Telecommunications and Defense Business Unit to grow its client base.

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The equipment and associated support and warranty services shall support the customer’s large communications network in the country. Supernet has already successfully delivered one project in totality. The second project is on track to be completed by end of November 2021 with the third one expected to reach completion in the 1st quarter of 2022. Though it is an established fact now that there are lengthy delays due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips as well as disruptions in international shipping and logistics, Supernet through the strength of its partnerships in the supply chain and prudent project planning, has effectively addressed these delays to the satisfaction of the customer.

Ali Akhtar, Head of BU, Telecoms and Defense at Supernet said that “We are thrilled to have been awarded these projects with each one being awarded through a competitive bidding process resulting in our solutions being picked as the best techno-commercial ones. We have successfully been able to onboard a new client, widening our customer base, and we’ve done it by winning significant business right off the bat. We are as always, grateful to our customers for their trust and confidence in us as well the cooperation of our partners in our supply chain, he added.

Supernet Limited, one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications service provider and systems integrator, has been operating since 1995. Supernet offers a full portfolio of local-to-global integrated communications infrastructure solutions to Telecoms, Defense, Enterprise and Government entities. Supernet’s “Connectivity” products and services include a broad spectrum of Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) solutions based on satellite, fiber optics, microwave and radios. In recent years, Supernet has established its expertise in domains including cybersecurity, power, networking, and surveillance solutions as part of its “Beyond Connectivity” initiative thereby offering a richer portfolio of solutions and services to customers.



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