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Success Story Of Irfanistan (Irfan Ul Haq) By NewsCurators

Social media has transformed almost every aspect of modern lives. More than anything, it has substantially widened the avenues people have when exploring creative fields within their lives. In the last decade, digital mediums like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have given rise to some of the biggest thought influencers and content creators that the world has ever seen.

Audiences on the internet can judge content on various aspects. The type of posts that strike a chord with people can vary but with social media, people have the ability to carve their own niches. When it comes to content creation, Pakistan has provided one of the most vibrant spaces not just for local viewers but international audiences as well.

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One story amongst many that stands out in this country is none other than Irfan Ul Haq from the ever-growing platform ‘Irfanistan’. With more than 100K followers across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the confident and lively Irfan has built a platform that satisfies the need for audiences to gain knowledge, news and insights related to the entertainment industry.

“I started my social media journey in 2009 while I was still doing my Masters in Media Sciences from Iqra University, Karachi,” said Irfan Khan when talking to Fuchsia Magazine. “After I graduated in 2013, I got my first job as an Assistant Producer for Dawn. My salary was only PKR 3,000 but that was the happiest time of my life being able to earn for myself for the very first time,” he added.

Irfan was on a conventional path much like any other youth his age having enrolled in the traditional MBA under family pressure. However, by the third semester, he realized he couldn’t take it. That creative spark within him wanted him to pursue something that was more lively and allowed him to create art that could entertain and inspire.

“My father didn’t know that I had dropped out of MBA and was pursuing Media Sciences. When he finally found out midway through my program, he was upset. It took a lot of convincing for him to let me continue but at the end of the day, it was worth it for me as I now had a clear path to pursue that truly made me happy,” noted Irfan while commenting about the support he received from his family.

For almost every creator on YouTube or any other social media platform, success has not come overnight. And Irfan is no exception. As a content creator and influencer, it has taken him little over a decade to build the connections and deliver the value that he does today. Moreover, this is still not the end of the journey for him.

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“When I started Irfanistan I used to visit various people and places for content. I frequently went to cafes with plans to film food reviews. I vividly remember one café I went to where I didn’t know that the owner followed me. I was there for dinner with my family and afterwards, I received a note saying thank you for visiting, we love your blogs. It was an amazing moment for me,” he stated while reflecting on some of the best moments he has faced so far.

The name Irfanistan itself is well thought out. Much like the country Pakistan and numerous others representing diverse cultures, history, traditions and people, the channel Irfanistan is meant to be a land or province for entertainment according to its creator. It is a name that reflects much more than just a simple platform posting videos, it is an entire community.  



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