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Students were expelled from a school in Punjab’s Attock

Four Ahmadi students were expelled from a school in Punjab’s Attock district on Friday due to their admission.

The students’ relative Tahir Khan* said they had been expelled for no other reason than that they were Ahmadis. He said that one of the pupils had been harassed for some time by a classmate of another. Khan claimed that the children were dismissed after some parents convinced Kulsoom Awan, the principal, to do so.

Additionally, he displayed a paper on the expulsion, which stated that the reason for the expulsion was the students confession. The paper stated, “The following students who were enrolled in this institute are withdrawing (sic) due to Qadianiat* Religion.” The institution, according to the paper, was unable to let them to proceed.







Principal Awan declined to comment on the situation when contacted by The Friday Times — Naya Daur for a statement because the school had already ended for the day. She went on to say that she would reserve judgement until someone addressed her in person at her office during school hours.

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Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya (JA) press in-charge Amir Mehmood told The Friday Times — Naya Daur that instances of anti-Ahmadi discrimination in Pakistan had become routine. He said scores of Ahmadis had been expelled from educational institutes in separate instances earlier. Terming the expulsion unfortunate, he said anti-Ahmadi sentiment was rife in Attock district. Widespread hate for the community prevailed nationwide. He said the time was ripe for the nation’s enlightened to raise awareness on this.

Pakistan’s tiny Ahmadi community is subjected to routine persecution which often enjoys legal and state sanction. An Ahmadi was killed by a religious fanatic earlier. Sixty-year-old Ahmadi Naseer Ahmad was waiting at the Chenab Nagar Bus Stop when Shahzad Hassan forced him to raise slogans in praise of deceased TLP supremo Khadim Rizvi. He also asked the deceased to chant “Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah’! He attacked Naseer soon after.

Hassan was overpowered at the spot and handed over to police. In a statement, the JA said Ahmad had no personal rivalry with anybody. He was simply killed for being Ahmadi, the JA said.

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) vice-president Malik Ilyas Awan separately demanded Ahmadis to be evicted from Khushab.



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