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SSGCL is experiencing a 250mmcfd deficit

Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd (SSGCL) has announced that it is facing a gas shortage of 240-250 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) due to decreasing indigenous supplies and steady demand growth.

The gas utility indicated that in January 2021, roughly 1,010 mmcfd of average gas was available for supply, compared to 940 mmcfd in December 2021, as reported Jan 2 edition under the heading ‘Eight-hour gas supply hindering Karachi export sector.’ It predicted that a similar situation will prevail in the coming month.

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It said the demand for gas from the domestic and fertiliser sectors has increased this winter. The operation of the fertiliser sector is crucial for maintaining the fertiliser inventory to avert shortages whereas Baloch­istan’s domestic sector’s demand needs to be met in view of harsh weather.

The government is supplying 75mmcfd RLNG to SSGCL in order to bridge its demand and supply gap in addition to the curtailment measures, the utility company said.

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As per the approved load management plan, SSGCL is required to curtail gas supply to non-export general industries and its captive power (175mmcfd) and CNG (20mmcfd) to feed the domestic and fertiliser sectors as well as export industrial units.

However, the company could only manage to save 50mmcfd by curtailing CNG and power sectors. Out of 1,900 units of non-export industry, SSGCL could only curtail gas supply to 180 units owing to stay orders granted by the high court.



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