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SMC to Protect Turtles, SC Orders Sindh Government

KARACHI: Supreme Court (SC) on Friday has ordered Sukkur Municipal Corporation (SMC) to protect turtles living in the Indus River.

The Sukkur Lab-e -Mehran Park case was brought before the High Court in Karachi by a SC bench led by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Judge Gulzar Ahmed.

What’s remained of Sukkur? At the beginning of the hearing, Judge Gulzar Ahmed, Chief Justice of Pakistan, asked Sukkur Municipal Corp.’s counsel.

Dolphins have gone to be treasured in Sukkur, and while going to the Indus Canals, hundreds of newborn turtles have lost their life.

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The judge ruled that the SMC safeguard the safety of turtles and their breed. “The municipal corpus has totally failed in providing a safe transit to young turtles. The bench ordered the SMC.

“The city authority shall take efforts to guarantee that turtles are protected in Sukkur,” stated the SC bench in its ruling.

The highest court also held SMC’s case for a prohibition on the tourist project in Lab-e-Mehran.

Note that CJP Justice Gulzar Ahmed is in Karachi at present in order to hear significant matters at the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court (SC) looked at specifics of the welfare plans by the authorities in question throughout Karachi on Thursday.

The SC bench published notices in this context to the DG Karachi Development Authority (KDA, Commissioner Karachi, Karachi Administrator and all of the Cantonal Boards.



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