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Shuja Haider slams an Indian composer for ‘copying’ his OST for ‘Baghi’

Shuja Haider, a singer, songwriter, and music composer, has made a copyright claim that should not be overlooked. It turns out that India’s Rashid Khan and Yasser Desai ‘copied’ his OST for Baghi, the popular biographical drama based on the late Qandeel Baloch. In a tweet, Haider called out the composer and vocalist.

Haider alleged on Twitter that “Indian music directors Yasser Desai and Rashid Khan plagiarised my original song Baghi.” “And I am not proud of it,” Haider said, before anybody could tell him to take it in stride or, worse, to be happy that “someone in India reproduced his work.” “Not in a million years!”

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Haider, who also made his Coke Studio debut in 2016 as a music director and songwriter for Aaqa and Khaki Banda, also shared the Indian track, the originality of which is now in question. Titled Piya Re Piya, the song has been released by Aatma Music. Sung by Desai, it is credited to have been composed by Khan and co-written by Khan and Anjan Sagri.

The similarity between Piya Re Piya and Baghi is hard to ignore, especially when Pira Ve Pira seems to only have been replaced by Piya Re Piya on the same melody with different lyrics. The chorus for Piya Re Piya may vary but its verse appears to be the same as Baghi’s. Fans of Baghi and Haider are convinced that the Indian track is a rip off and want the singer to take legal action. Even Abdul Wasey Naik of Arab News feels whatever’s happened is unfair.

“So unfair! You’ve tagged wrong Rashid Khan though,” he commented under Haider’s post. “Brother, copyright claim kardein,” asked a user. “Yasser Desai only sang the song but yes, tune of the music is exactly same. Pathetic,” added another. Desai and Khan have not commented on the allegation yet.



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