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Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram Dougs clash

Former Pakistan fast bowlers Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar were considered among the best fast bowlers in the world. Both the bowlers were exceptional in their playing days and formed a great partnership for Pakistan for many years.

As has happened recently, however, the relationship between the two archers appears to be sharp, as the two are digging into each other in the media. Akhtar recently gave an interview to a private news media where he talked about Wasim Akram’s double standards and his negative guidance.

Shoaib said,

Wasim Akram always talks about him catching me in a ‘club,’ somebody asks Wasim if he has ever taken me to the gym? Wasim himself has spent a lot of time in the clubs, so what’s the big issue if I go to a club once. Whatever I learned during my cricketing days was by following the seniors, and they all went clubbing. If I had supporting seniors, such as Imran Khan, then the story would have been different.

The war of words between the two continued as Wasim Akram was invited on a call in another show in the private news channel. The host of the show, Waseem Badami, asked Wasim about his comments about Akhtar’s statement that ‘he will not take a role within the PCB unless it’s the chairman position.’

Wasim replied sarcastically that the PCB should then change their chairman. He said,

I don’t know why people take what Shoaib Akhtar says so seriously. If a person has no tameez (manners), he knows nothing about life.



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