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Shehnaaz Gill stop singing upon hearing the Azaan

Shehnaaz Gill Stop Her Singing Performance At An Awards Show

Shehnaaz Gill stop her singing performance at an awards show upon hearing the Azaan call. Fans admired her pure soul and kind gesture.

Shehnaaz Gill had already gained popularity as a singer and actress, but it was her appearance on Bigg Boss 13 that brought her immense fame. Her on-screen chemistry with late actor Sidharth Shukla was adored by fans, who eagerly await her outings and social media posts. Recently, Shehnaaz attended an awards ceremony in Mumbai, where she also performed on stage. In a touching gesture, the actress paused her singing when she heard the Azaan call.

 Footage Of The Moment When She Stop Singing

Shehnaaz Gill’s modest demeanor has once again won the affection of many. During a recent awards ceremony, the actress was spotted singing on stage. Nevertheless, upon hearing the Azaan call, she paused mid-performance. Footage of the moment has since circulated widely on the internet, with fans commending the actress for her gesture. In the clip, Shehnaaz stands silently, microphone in hand, while the prayers are recited. Shehnaaz was honored with the Digital Personality of the Year award and took to the stage to accept it.

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A fan wrote, “When Shehnaaz was asked to sing, she paused as Azaan call was being made for prayer. This is the purity of good soul, considerate to others and their beliefs. Shehnaaz i have only one heart how many times you going to win it (sic).”



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