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Shan Foods opens a red chilli buying centre for farmers in Kunri

Shan Foods (Private) Limited, a major food brand, has opened a red chilli buying centre in Kunri, Umerkot district, to help chilli producers in the region. Sammer Sultan, Co-Chairman of Shan Foods, officially opened the centre. The occasion was attended by a huge number of Red Chili growers, as well as DG PARC Dr. AtaUllah, Director R&D Kunri Mr. Saleem Ijaz, SMEDA Incharge, and other government officials.

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Pakistan is one of the top 10 chilli-producing countries in the world, with Sindh leading the way, followed by Punjab and Balochistan. Shan Foods’ buying centre will assist Sindhi chilli farmers in their product trade by inspecting quality on the spot using a state-of-the-art laboratory and receiving a fee based on the quality offered. Shan is attempting to strengthen trade relationships with local farmers by allowing small farmers to sell red chilli directly to him.

Specifically, loungi variants being the speciality of red chili of Pakistan has a distant taste that is recognized world-wide, however due to virus attacks majority of our loungi crop is destroyed with lower yield. To prevent the virus spread among red chili and to get a higher yielding crop Shan Foods has also inaugurated a Red Chili Nursery where seedling would be provided at subsidized rates. Using modern techniques for temperature control, Peat moss with trays to get seedlings healthy growth and planters to transfer seedings to field, by all these Shan foods is ensuing the higher yield and safety of local red chili crop against viruses.

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Sammer Sultan, during the launch ceremony, said, “Kunri is the oldest and largest chilli market of the country that not only helps meet the need of local consumption but also significantly fulfils the global need through its export. To compensate the chilli farmers for this contribution to the country’s economy, Shan Foods’ red chilli buying centre will help create greater value for chili farmers in a sustainable manner.”



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