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Shadab Khan Says That He Likes To Live A Simple Life

Shadab Khan Lifestyle

During a recent interview given to private TV, Shadab Khan talked about his lifestyle including his career and said that ‘I believe that Allah tests a person by taking him and also by giving him. has given us respect, then surely we will have a question, how did we use this respect and fame’?

He said, “We are afraid of this thing, so we try to remain as we were before, we are people from the village, we have lived a simple life since the beginning and even today our family is living the same simple life.”

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Shadab Khan Also Said That

‘I want to live a simple life even today, even today when I go home I sleep on the ground like before, I try to stay the same because I want to live a simple life. I feel at peace.

The Islamabad United captain added that ‘I don’t act, my nature is what I am, I don’t do anything to show off, I try to be simple, because every human being is equal, Allah has made all human beings equal. If Allah sees something and gives us something better, then it is Allah’s decision, it is not a matter of arrogance.



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