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Seven celebrities have entered the NFT market, ranging from Alyzeh Gabol to Paris Hilton

It can be difficult to identify the originality of artworks, whether it’s a viral meme, a music playing in the backdrop of a TikTok video, or an animated character you relate to, with new media art growing prominence in the digital mediums. You can browse, download, and copy such artworks to your own hard drives thanks to the internet’s accessibility, but it wouldn’t be feasible without non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs sell for millions at auctions, regardless of how perplexing, contentious, or useless these digital assets are. Here’s a list of celebrities that have joined the auction market with their cherished originals, ranging from Pakistani model-turned-actor Alyzeh Gabol to Hollywood’s Paris Hilton and Eminem.

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According to DW, Tarantino plans to auction off individual chapters of the handwritten screenplay for the film Pulp Fiction as NFTs via a series of auctions in January 2022. In addition, the highest bidders will receive a personal audio commentary from the star director. The screenplay nabbed an Oscar in 1994.

Snoop Dogg

US rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg has already amassed a million-dollar NFT collection of his own. At the end of November 2021, he posted his first own NFT online, which he developed together with artist Coldie. The result is an animated collage of Snoop Dogg portraits set to music, with references to his first album Doggystyle.

Alyzeh Gabol

Pakistani model and actor Alyzeh Gabol took to Instagram and shared a picture of Bored Bunny, a “ticket into the metaverse and NFT space” in January 2022. The animated illustration(s) is how you join the community. Part of the Bored Bunny cult, the Rangreza starlet shared a picture of the newest addition in the collection. The unique collection was apparently sold out in only 17 minutes, as per their official NFT account.

Till Lindemann

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann had more trouble than success with his NFT drop in August 2021. Hardly anyone was interested in clips of him in front of paintings at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. Furthermore, there was a dispute with the Russian museum where the video sequences were recorded, as it was said to have contravened NFT exploitation.

Mila Kunis’ production house

In July 2021, thousands of Stoner Cats from the animated series of the same name were sold. Mila Kunis’ production company, Orchard Farm Productions, is behind the series. The cat pictures were so popular that they briefly paralyzed the Ethereum network. The sale of the digital images is intended to finance new episodes of the series.

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In April 2021, US rapper and 15-time Grammy winner Eminem released his first three NFTs: animated images and Eminem-produced beats harking back to well-known songs from his first two albums. In addition, the highest bidders bagged themselves either a pair of sneakers or a physical print of the artwork, signed by the master himself.

Paris Hilton

Titled the ‘Crypto Queen’, she is “obsessed with NFTs and the endless possibilities of this technology.” That’s what hotel heiress Paris Hilton told Bloomberg News in November 2021. Her own NFT collection, Planet Paris, is an animated airbrushed dream (or nightmare — depending on the beholder) in pink with lots of glitter. She plays the lead role of a filthy rich Barbie and iconic crypto queen.



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