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Saudi Arabian edition Global “Idol” competition announced

RIYADH: A cooperation between the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) of the Kingdom and MBC Group resulted in the debut of a Saudi Arabian edition Global “Idol” talent show franchise on Saturday.

Turki Al-Sheikh, the chairman of GEA, tweeted that the Authority and MBC had partnered to introduce the inaugural season of “Saudi Idol,” which would premiere in December.

With filming scheduled to start in October, the Saudi Idol program will attempt to unearth local talent, mainly in Riyadh, with a four-member jury that constitutes of Saudi singer Aseel Abu Bakr, Emirati singer and actress Ahlam, popular Arab singer Asala (Syrian), and Iraqi-Saudi singer and composer Majed Al Mohandis.

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“I’m happy to announce a new partnership between GEA and MBC Group to launch Saudi Arabian edition Global “Idol”… The program begins in December 2022” tweeted Al-Sheikh.

MBC’s program, “Trending,” a show that sheds light on news of artists, announced the start of preparations for the Saudi talent show with filming scheduled to start next month.

Announcing registration for the program, MBC tweeted: “You have a beautiful voice and would you like to sing? Do you like competition and enter the world of limelight and fame? Participate in the largest singing program. Don’t miss the chance, register now.”



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