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Saudi Arabia Has Announced That Female Visitors Will Be Permitted To Wear Bikinis

Saudi Arabia Has Recently Announced That Female Visitors To The Country’s Red Sea Project Will Be Permitted To Wear Bikinis

Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) will now be permitted to wear bikinis at the Red Sea Project, formerly known as the Red Sea Destination. The destination is anticipated to open to visitors in 2023, according to local media reports.

At a briefing about the project in the UAE held at SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences for press, architects, and designers, Loredana Pettinati, the senior travel trade director of Red Sea Global, unveiled the news.

At a news conference held in Dubai, Pettinati reported that Hotelier Middle East had stated that no limitations would be put in place on women, and there would be no genderspecific conventions at the Red Sea destination, as per their inquiry regarding the present regulations in the kingdom.

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Pettinati stated that, as a European expat, she feels secure in Saudi Arabia, noting that the abaya is not mandatory and women are permitted to drive. Additionally, she noted that there is no discrimination between men and women in accessing facilities.

She also clarified that the man and woman who book ahotel will not be asked whether they are married or not.

“You wilbe able to wear bikinis at the Red Sea,'” she added.

About Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Projecting Saudi Arabia’s a new tourism center that is being developed on the wester coast of the country along the sea and between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh.

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The Red Sea Project, created by Red Sea Global and forming part of the Saudi Vision 2030 program, seeks to provide a paradise for unwinding in an extraordinary and unparalleled atmosphere that is not obtainable elsewhere on the planet.

When it is completed in the year 2030, the Red Sea island location will feature a total of 8,000 hotel rooms spread out over 22 islands and six inland sites.

The destination will also include an international airport, luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment, and leisure facilities.



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