Friday, February 3, 2023 is in Forbes Asia 100 for viewing in 2021 is in Forbes Asia 100 for viewing in 2021, Pakistan’s largest online search and travel booking site, is featured in Forbes Asia 100.

With 900 applications from 17 countries and from underwater drones to satellite propulsion systems, was one of 100 companies selected to be part of the list, tracking growth and impact levels. Startup communities in India and Singapore developed 22 and 19 companies, respectively. However, there are only 2 companies listed in Pakistan, and is one of them.

While has been dealing with air tickets since 2016, the company recently introduced hotels, buses, airport transfers, and travel insurance on their platform for their customers. They have also introduced Sastaticket Travel app – a dedicated app for Pakistanis by Pakistanis, catering to all their travel needs.

At a time when the travel industry faced unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, stood out internationally as a young company disrupting a traditional industry that is central to our lives. It played a vital role in making travel affordable and accessible by automating travel booking processes and bridging the technological gap between customers and partners. Over the last year, the company has seen a massive 3.5x growth in its transactions as Pakistani’s have rapidly shifted towards eCommerce across all verticals.

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Commenting on the occasion, Shazil Mehkri, CEO, said, “We always wanted to build Pakistan’s most trusted platform that empowers every Pakistani to travel, experience, and connect hence we made it our mission. Being in the Forbes Asia list validates the need for this mission, and the impact it is creating. We envision a future when shall be in the heart of every journey taken”.

This feature is not just a win for, but also for Pakistan. Not only did represent the Pakistani startup community worldwide, but also became a role model for up-and-coming companies striving to make an impact.



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