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Samsung unveils dual-folding phone prototype

Samsung recently organize the iMID 2021 exhibition in Korea where it showed the next generation of foldable screen devices. One of the most interesting was the dual folding phone which had not one but two folds, like TCL’s tri folding phone concept.

There is also a triple camera setup on the left corner, but that is likely just for show as the device means to showcase the display only.

This prototype device features a 7.2-inch multi-foldable screen that has three sections and two folding points. It can fold inwards and outwards like an “S” curve and can be used in any form factor. It’s a compact device when fully folded, but can be opened up to a large screen for easy split-screen multitasking.

Sadly, the video does not show the device in its folded state or what it looks like from different angles.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not an upcoming device since it’s only a prototype used for exhibition. Samsung is, however, working on several folding phone ideas but a commercial device is most likely going to look different.



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