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Rural women’s skills training programme from Khushhali Microfinance Bank

Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL) is a renowned Pakistani financial institution that recently held another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event to commemorate the “International Day of Rural Women.” The bank applauds rural women’s tenacity and dedication, and feels that learning and acquiring new skills will help them boost their production and incomes. As a result, at Chak 367 Jalianwala in Tehseel Gojra, Punjab, a “Stitching Training Programme” for women was organised. It was held in partnership with the “Society for Human-Development,” a famous NGO.

‘Rural women – Cultivating excellent food for all’ was the subject for this year’s International Day for Rural Women. KMBL will celebrate the hard work and courageous achievements of these rural women who are making significant contributions to society through this project.

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This well-known microfinance institution has always been at the forefront of ensuring equal growth possibilities for all, particularly the poor in Pakistan’s rural areas. KMBL handed gifts to the women at the conclusion of the Stitching Training Program as a sign of appreciation for their participation in this educational programme.

President Khushhali Microfinance Bank, Ghalib Nishtar stated that: “Young girls and women in our society need training and education, enabling them to play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of rural households and communities. More recognition of their capabilities and contributions towards improving the livelihood of rural homes, will motivate and empower them to add value and ensure the wellbeing of their families. KMBL remains committed to empower our female population, enabling them to become more self-reliant to earn a healthy income.”

Over the decades, women in the rural areas have been enabling significant enrichments to: agricultural production, food security and nutrition, by helping the men in optimizing the productivity of our land and natural-resources management. These efforts are also improving the climatic resilience of the planet. Therefore, Women empowerment has remained a core subject of interest for KMBL’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, as the bank salutes the spirit and vision of our hard working rural women. Improving the lives of rural women is key to fighting poverty and enhancing rural development. Hence, KMBL believes in empowerment of women through skill development training sessions that can enable women to realize their true potential, while also earning healthy income for their families.

Another exemplary social initiative by KMBL is “Apna Makaan” – an affordable home-loan that provides the low-income consumers’ segment with an opportunity to own a house and improve their quality of life. For more details, please contact the helpline 051-111 047 047 or visit the website:



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