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Rohail Hyatt’s request for a blue badge on Twitter was denied.

Music composer, record producer, keyboardist and once the ultimate brain behind Coke Studio, Rohail Hyatt is a talent that needs no introduction but all he wanted was a blue-badge from Twitter. Unfortunately, the micro-blogging site rejected the celebrated musician’s request and he now feels like he should not have tried in the first place.

Nowadays, with multiple fan accounts and dupes, celebrities, politicians and other renowned personalities are all about having verified accounts so that social media users can distinguish between their fake and authentic accounts. Following suit, Hyatt, an active Twitter user, also tried for a blue stamp but did not succeed.

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Laughing at the unfortunate incident, he took to the micro-blogging app and said he feels like an “idiot for trying to stand out.” While Twitter authorities might have disappointed Hyatt, his fans were quick to cheer him up with their comments full of validation for the artist.

While some suggested ways he could gain the blue badge, others told him he does not need one to know his “status or worth” and that he is a “legend beyond Twitter’s recognition.”

With such a loyal fan base validating your existence at every given chance, who even needs a blue badge anyway? And, the music maestro agrees! Thanking his fans for the wholesome support, he replied, “Aww. Thanks everyone for such lovely supporting comments. This is certainly better than any blue badge, any day!”




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