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Resham Makes Up Her Mistake & Strive Towards Cleaner Pakistan [Video]

Resham Towards A Cleaner Pakistan:

Resham, a Lollywood celebrity, makes up for her prior gaffe by taking a more practical approach by taking part in an attempt to make Pakistan cleaner.

The famed actor released a video on her account on the photo and video sharing app earlier this week, in which she participates in a trash cleaning project to atone for any environmental damage she may have made.


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“The previous few days have been a hard learning curve for me, and I want to thank everyone, especially my well-wishers, who wanted to advise and correct me, using compassion and love, rather than condemnation for the purpose of personal power,” Resham stated in the Instagram video’s title.

“Pakistan is our home, and it is only proper that we maintain it clean.” So what better way to show this than with a concrete example?”

“I took part in a litter cleanup campaign, which I hope will go some way to healing any hurt that I may have accidentally caused you and our people,” Resham added.

“Let us work together to make Pakistan cleaner and nicer,” she implored. “Please accept my best wishes.” This is a fresh start for me and for all of us.”

It’s worth noting that the actor got into trouble when a video of hers went popular on social media, in which she’s seen throwing food and bread into a river for the animals. However, at the end of the video, Resham also dumped the plastic bags containing food into the river.

The gesture irritated social media users, who accused the Lollywood queen of contributing more harm than good to the environment.

Resham later apologised publicly on her Twitter page and apologised for her error. “Please accept my apologies since what occurred should not have occurred. “It happened accidentally and not on purpose,” she explained.

Resham apologised to the entire nation for the “worst error of her career.”


It Seems Like All The Punishments Coming Because Of Me – Resham 



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