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Purchase of 40 new vehicles for Cabinet Members – CM House

The Standing Committee on Finance and Development of the Punjab Cabinet approved the summary presented after the approval of the Chief Minister, according to which the provincial government will purchase 40 new vehicles for the CM House and members of the provincial cabinet at a cost of more than 30 crore rupees.

According to a report in Private newspaper, the summary states that the government will purchase 4 Toyota Fortuner cars, 3 Toyota Revo double cabin cars and 33 Toyota Corolla Altis (Grande) cars for the cabinet members.

For the purchase of new vehicles, funds of Rs. 30.5 lakh and 70 thousand will be provided through supplementary grant during the current financial year 2022-23 with the permission of advance repayment.

Sources said that the Chief Minister’s Office had initially requested 26 vehicles for the office’s transport pool on August 10 to avoid any inconvenience while performing official duties.

Apart from these, the office requested additional 14 vehicles from the transport pool of S&GAD on September 7, so 14 vehicles were deployed as per the request of the Chief Minister’s Office.

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The transport pool of S&GAD was facing a shortfall of 14 vehicles.

Therefore, 14 Toyota Corolla Altis (Grande) cars were required for S&GAD’s transport pool for deployment with Cabinet members and other official duties, apart from the purchase of 26 vehicles for the Chief Minister’s office.

Purchase of new vehicles as per Rule-59(c)(vii) of Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 shall be done from authorized dealers of Indus Motor Company Limited i.e. Toyota Garden Motors Private Limited.

The financial impact of the purchase of these 40 new vehicles has been estimated at Rs 30 crore 5 lakh 70 thousand, which have been approved by the Standing Committee.

Similarly, the committee chaired by Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi also considered and approved the purchase of vehicles for Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissioners and members of the Board of Revenue.

In this regard, Senior Member Board of Revenue Zahid Akhtar Zaman did not respond to calls and WhatsApp messages regarding purchase of vehicles for Deputy Commissioners, ADCs and Board of Revenue members.

Sources say that the vehicles of Deputy Commissioners and ADCs are quite old and need to be replaced with new ones as soon as possible.

Deputy Commissioners and ADCs are currently using Toyota Fortuner vehicles of district chairmen as administrators. These vehicles remained with the DCs and ADCs except for a brief period when the Supreme Court restored local governments.

However, other sources said that the agenda item of purchase of vehicles for Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioners and Board of Revenue members was postponed.

Besides, the Standing Committee also approved the creation of posts for the new administrative division of Gujarat.In the meeting presided over by Chief Minister Parvez Elahi, it was announced to increase the conveyance allowance of blind, dumb and other disabled employees, according to which the conveyance allowance of disabled government employees was approved to be increased from 2000 rupees to 6000 rupees.



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