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Punjab to construct regulatory body for private schools: Murad Raas

LAHORE: The Punjab government has directed to bring all private schools across the province under one governing authority, as announced by Punjab Minister for Schools Education Murad Raas.

  • The Punjab government will regulate issues of private schools through a regulatory body. 
  • Punjab minister Murad Raas says authority will be formed to regulate issues, including fees of private schools. 
  • The government will give free online education under Insaf Academy, says minister.

“We are going to form an authority for private schools,” said Raas, explaining that the authority will regulate fees and other matters of private schools.

The provincial government has set up a justice academy, Raas said. He announced that the government would provide free online education.

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At least 8,500 schools in Punjab have been upgraded to the elementary level, he added. Almost 70% children used to quit schools after studying in fifth class as there were no elementary schools nearby, he said.

The up gradation of schools to the elementary level helped the government bring back 107,000 children back to schools within three weeks, he added.



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