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Private Schools Cannot Fire Students Over Non Payment Of Fees

Private schools and colleges are not allowed to require that parents and students purchase uniforms, textbooks, copies, and other stationery from a particular retailer, according to the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions Sindh (DIRPIS).

Additionally, private educational institutions are prohibited from dismissing students for failing to pay fees without first contacting DIRPIS.

Plus, they are no longer permitted to solicit funds from students to fund extracurricular activities.

Private schools and colleges are not permitted to change uniform designs for students without permission, according to DIRPIS.

It has also forbidden them from providing physical punishment to students.

Additionally, the collection of fees by private educational institutions on a quarterly, biennial, and annual basis has been prohibited.

They must now only provide monthly charge coupons going forward. Only biweekly fee vouchers will be given to parents who want to pay for more than one month’s worth of tuition.

Private schools and colleges will also be forced to advertise the fee structures on notice boards.

Private educational institutions must grant a 10% fee reduction to needy students and pay scholarships to top performers in accordance with Rule 13 of the Sindh Educational Institutions Act of 2005.

The change occurs a few weeks after a protest by the All Sindh Parents’ Association (ASPA) against the unethical actions of private institutions and schools in the region.

The protesters also sought a number of other things, including the ability to pay tuition in US Dollars rather than Pakistani Rupees at private educational institutions.


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