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Prime Minister: Roads have a major role in economic growth

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that roads play an important role in economic growth.

In the presidency, the Prime Minister convened a meeting, attended by Murad Syed, the Minister of the Planning Office Asad Umar and the Special Assistant to Shahbaz Gul to discuss the development of project projects under the National Road Authority. A briefing on the progress achieved was presented.

In the meeting, Murad Saeed stated that in the past three years of the administration (2013-14), only 645 km of roads were developed and that in the current Government there were 1753 km of roads finished.

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The Prime Minister noted that roads play a vital role in economic growth; construction of high-quality roads would enhance commercial opportunities by connecting rural and urban zones; good roads will lead to car repair and imports of petroleum products.

Imran Khan added that he himself will examine every day the development of significant and large-scale communication projects and guarantee that funds are available for the timely completion of projects.



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