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PPRA restrictions are partially waived for 16 LNG cargoes.

ISLAMABAD: The government has granted a partial exemption from Public Procurement Rules, 2004 to the procurement of 16 spot cargoes of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) to be procured on spot price by the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and by te Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) till December 31.

The federal cabinet was informed, according to papers, that the petroleum ministry had requested a partial exemption from the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for the spot purchase of three LNG cargoes by the PSO and 13 cargoes by the PLL in the “national interest.”

Rules 13 and 35 of the Public Procurement Rules 2004 have been waived for the shipments. The government further eased the procedure by increasing the response period to three days and leaving adequate time between the announcement of the evaluation report and the award of the contract to the winning bidder.

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Similarly, sources claimed that potential bidders would be given a fair chance and that steps would be taken to rectify any issues.

The PPRA board had already authorised the PPRA management to seek exemptions for these entities at its 53rd meeting on August 12. According to an official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the PPRA and the federal government would exempt these products or the class of things on such recommendations from the application of the laws and regulations enacted under it.



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