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PM Imran Khan Distributes KISSAN CARD In DI Khan

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Thursday distributed Kissan Card among farmers in Dera Ismail Khan (DIK).

Dera Ismail Khan-P.M. Imran Khan remarked that agriculture is the backbone and the administration is striving to raise them up. Farmers are the backbone of the country.

He added 22 crores have gone over the population of the nation, and despite this, the government has been forced to purchase wheat this year.

The Prime Minister claimed that there are mafias in the country and that the system supports them.

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“If the Mafias were awarded NROs, Pakistan cannot advance,” he added.

PM Khan lamented Pakistan’s leadership, which had acquired billions of rupees overseas.

The premiere will open the construction of the Gomal Agriculture University, as well as the Gomal Zam Dam command areas and research stations during his visit to DI Khan.

Previously, Prime Minister Khan claimed that there are 8.4 million farmers in the nation and, via different government-led programmes, he intended to quadruple their income.

During his day visit to Bahawalpur, PM Khan had called the Kisan Convention farmers a true asset, while differentiating between them and feudal lords, and stated the efforts of his administration had given the farmers the chance to earn over Rs1100 billion.



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