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PIA has been named the world’s first women safest airline

The United Nations Women Agency has named Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) the world’s safest airline for women.

Pakistan International Airlines was named the world’s safest airline by the UN Women’s Agency for its efforts to provide safe travel facilities for women.

Pakistan International Airlines, the UN Women’s Agency, and the Federal Ombudsman for Harassment have struck an agreement. PIA CEO Arshad Malik, UN Women’s Agency Director Sharmila Rasool, and Kashmala Tariq all signed it.

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Pakistan International Airlines will join the UN’s anti-harassment programme, according to the agreement. To avoid harassment at airports and on flights, the PIA and the federal ombudsman will take legal action.

The election of Pakistan International Airlines by the United Nations, according to PIA CEO Arshad Malik, is a wonderful honour for the administration and Pakistan.

Sharmila Rasool of the UN Women Agency said that ensuring a safe environment for women will lead to the country’s quick growth, while Kashmala Tariq said she would seek to bring the offenders to justice.

Pakistan International Airlines had made official steps to provide secure travel for women, according to the UN Women Agency. As a result of the agreement, PIA will enhance awareness in its offices, airports, and planes to prevent future instances.



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