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People die every year due to death in swimming pool

How Many People Drown a Year in Pools?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an average of 3,536 people drown in swimming pools in the United States each year. Of these drownings, about 20 percent are children 14 and younger.

Florida takes safety measure for swimming pool

According to Florida Statute § 515.27 and § 515.29, inhouse or residential pools must follow below guidelines:

  • The pool must be isolated from access to the home by an enclosure that is at least four feet high without any gaps or openings
  • The pool must have a safety cover
  • The pool must have an alarm with motion detection
  • All doors and windows leading from the home to the pool must be self-closing and self-latching or have an exit alarm

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According to Florida Statute § 768.075, an unguarded or not properly indoor pool might be considered as an “attractive nuisance” under Florida law, which according to Legal Information Institute, means property owner must be liable for accidents. For example, this may apply if a child wanders into a neighbor’s backyard, sees a toy they want to play with in the pool, falls into the water while trying to reach the toy, and drowns.



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